Deployment via Azure Marketplace


  • Even better build times due to slim Linux operating system
  • Docker support for creating containers
  • Emulation of ARM32/AARCH64 architectures
  • Pre-installed and configured tool chain for Angular, Java and C/C++ projects

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The following describes the configuration of the Build Agent PRO for Azure DevOps.

Pre-installed software:

  • Docker (latest)
  • qemu-static binaries (ARM32, AARCH64)

Configurable optional software installations:

  • Node.JS (latest)
  • .NET Core (latest)
  • Java (latest)
  • C / C++ Toolchain (latest)

Technical Details

  • Linux based VM with Debian (8, 9) or Ubuntu (18.04 LTS, 17.10, 16.04 LTS)
  • Execution of the Build Agent in Docker container
  • Build & Deploy of Docker containers
  • Emulation of different architectures like ARM32 and AARCH64 with gemu-static binaries (e. g. for the build of containers which runs on ARM devices)


The Build Agent PRO for Azure DevOps costs 7,99$ per month plus the resulting Azure costs depending on the VM size used and the runtime.

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